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How Iris Nevins Launched An NFT Platform For Black Artists That Generated $140K In Ten Months

Iris Nevins is an art collector who soared into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after the realization that it would be a profitable marketplace for artists. One year after her dive into crypto, she soon launched NFT studio Umba Daima in February 2021 . The switch was fitting for Nevins, who already planned to create a digital store for artists to gain profit for their work. Umba Daima educates artists on Web3 and helps them find their footing in the NFT space. The company also boasts various sub-brands under its belt including Black NFT Art, NFT Roundtable podcast, and virtual exhibit The Unseen Gallery. “We noticed that the artists that were having a lot of success had these really strong communities around them that were promoting or reposting on social media or participating in their drops,” Iris Nevins said in an interview with CNBC. The studio launched Black NFT Art “in an attempt to create that kind of experience for Black artists.” Umba Daima can celebrate a few...

Jan 14, 2022