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Investment Firm Collab Capital Backs Black-Led Tech Startup Leading the Future of Music Licensing

The market for licensing streamed music has seen an uptick in the last few years, with more consumers and creators using music as part of their productions on video-streaming platforms. In an effort to simplify the legal process involved with acquiring rights to use songs in said productions, Music Tech Works — a Black-founded music licensing platform — created a streamlined method to help assist TV, film, ad agencies, and video game production companies. Music Tech Works was founded by music/media industry veterans Jarrett Hines and Bryson Nobles to resolve the issues that arise across TV, film, video games, and advertising when trying to obtain licensing for commercial music. As a platform referred to as “the future of music licensing,” Music Tech Works holds one of the largest rights holder databases in the world with more than 60 million songs for its users. The innovative music platform is looking to expand on its growing database, and will now receive financial assistance from...

Dec 11, 2020