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How Companies And Employees Can Manage Workplace Microaggressions In 2024

Even in 2024, workplace microaggressions such as “Is that your real hair?” or “You’re so articulate” persist nationwide. Despite their subtle nature, these behaviors do not go unnoticed, leaving a lasting impact on the workplace atmosphere, morale and creating challenges for those targeted. From making assumptions about one’s abilities based on background to perpetuating stereotypes and using exclusionary language, managing workplace microaggressions requires a thoughtful approach. The first vital step is acknowledging that even well-meant words can cause harm. Building an understanding that unintended comments often reinforce unfair systems allows us to then dismantle that damage. Additionally, self-awareness of our own possible microaggressions, though uncomfortable, can prevent workplace exclusion. According to the 2023 McKinsey & Company report on Women in the Workplace , 78 percent of women resort to self-shielding at work in response to these microaggressions, modifying their...

Jan 13, 2024

Joseph B. Hill's DEI Job Offer Was Reportedly Rescinded After 'Flagging Racial Bias'

In efforts to “diversify” the workroom, some companies are hiding behind the gaze of inclusion in hopes of finding a token to enhance their agendas. Joseph B. Hill, a Black Chief Diversity Officer with over 20 years of experience, accepted a new position to serve at Memorial Hermann Health System in the city of Houston as the Vice President, Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. To prepare for a relocation and help Hill find the right home, a real estate agent contracted by Memorial Hermann was hired. Hill noted red flags from the agent as he recalled “unconscious racial bias” being exhibited from the white realtor such as bringing light to a Black-owned clothing store and commenting, “One of those stores over there is owned by a rapper; I don’t know those guys.” Hill also recalled the agent presenting a public golf course as “someplace where you would play,” to wittingly imply he was not welcomed at a private club. Hill, uncomfortable due to the microaggressions, presented...

Nov 4, 2021