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Microsoft Takes Proactive Measures to Fight Cyber Attackers and Protect Customers

Microsoft is seeking to reinforce its cybersecurity, following a recent legal victory against overseas hackers. According to CNBC, the court ruling allowed Microsoft to appropriate 50 domains that hackers used to infiltrate user accounts. “Thallium,” a group of hackers reportedly based in North Korea, used malware to collect and misuse the personal information of thousands of users in America, Japan, and South Korea. The latest pernicious attacks compromised systems and enabled emails, calendar entries, and other password-protected information to remain available to hackers even after users had changed their passwords . Thallium hackers gained access to Microsoft accounts through phishing techniques, in which users are prompted to click on links that appear to be from genuine sources. The fallout from such hacks is substantial, as the malware embedded in the links creates infinite system vulnerabilities. Thallium is not the only group of its kind. Other groups, such as the...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 2, 2020

Here's Why Cyber Security Should No Longer Be 'Optional' When It Comes To Running Your Business

Many business functions, no matter the industry, use the Internet to send packets of communication which adjust inventory levels, charge credit cards, manage personnel profiles and much more. Since we’re in an ultra-connected society and there’s no going back, there are always online threats that we should be aware of including viruses, malware, trojan horses, ransomware, Social Engineering, man in the middle attacks, phishing and more. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report , 43 percent of breaches targeted the data or processes of small businesses. Even though the threat of cyber attacks is high than its ever been, cyber security remains an afterthought for too many entrepreneurs and business owners — something they’re only focused on after the damage is done. Here are a few steps any diligent business owner who wants to ensure their operations run effectively and safely should take to protect their business data and maintain client and customer trust: 1....

Jason Nelson

Sep 20, 2019