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Bank of America’s Global Human Resources Technology Executive Shares Insight on Diversity in Technology

Lisa Buford Armbrister is the Global Human Resources Technology executive at Bank of America. After taking time off from a different company, friends encouraged her to consider Bank of America. She joined about 15 years ago and has held six different positions within the company, each one challenging her to grow and try something new. Bank of America is purposeful in seeking out diverse talent and has development programs designed to help empower employees to own their career development journey. Armbrister has been able to achieve a successful career in technology because of her ability to think outside the box, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her leadership skills.  In addition, the firm’s commitment to diversity and the culture of supporting employee development efforts has helped support her career journey. On Diversity Bank of America’s approach to diversity is “pretty bold,” says Armbrister. There is a deep commitment to ensuring a diverse and inclusive work environment and...

Christine Cauthen

Nov 20, 2018