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Here's Why You Should Think Of Tech Workers On Labor Day

The United States is no stranger to labor movements. Throughout the country’s history, members of the working-class have organized in protest of wage cuts, dangerous working conditions, long hours, and more. Although remembrance of labor movements often focuses on white workers, Black activists were integral to shaping the labor movement . As a holiday, Labor Day has a complicated history, but it can serve as an important time to reflect on how labor issues show up in the present. While the tech industry is often thought of as a place where you go to get rich, that’s not the case for every worker. Tech workers are not just those who inhabit white-collar positions, but also Google’s contract workers , your Uber drivers, and DoorDash workers, who have been recently subject to a predatory tipping scheme. Essentially, the company used tips as a way to subsidize drivers’ base pay. As a result, there was a class-action lawsuit filed in May. “For example, if DoorDash promised the Dasher $5...

Aug 30, 2019