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Could Kyle Kuzma's Recent Tweets About Elon Musk's $11B Tax Bill Serve As A Lesson For Us All?

Kyle Kuzma is in hot water. The NBA superstar took up for billionaire Elon Musk in a recent tweet, a tweet that seemingly mocks people who claim that the Tesla capo doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes. “ThE rIcH DoNt PaY tAxEs” — kuz (@kylekuzma) December 29, 2021 This tweet also hits hard when you consider that, according to ProPublica (via Complex), the super-rich like Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates have avoided paying their fair share of taxes for years . What’s more, Musk — who has nothing if not a problematic history with his Black workforce —  has only paid about 3.27 percent of his annual income in taxes since 2014. That’s far from “his fair share.” And, comparatively speaking, Kyle Kuzma misspoke when he mocked people’s complaints about the subject. “I know your teachers used to hand you your tests back face-down,” wrote one commenter. “ Rich people like Elon really have fooled nerds on Twitter defending them paying no taxes,” wrote another. And, it...