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Kwame Kilpatrick, The Controversial Ex-Detroit Mayor, Opens A New Business

Kwame Kilpatrick has a new job — and Detroit may have a new infusion of capital. According to Deadline, the disgraced politician has now started a new business: virtual ministries. “It’s a virtual ministry,” Kilpatrick told Deadline , “so we’ll be everywhere.” While everyone needs a hustle — and good for him for finding his — that hustle is going to cost him quite dearly. As an end result of his crimes, Kwame Kilpatrick still owes more than $4.7 million to the city of Detroit, and to the IRS. He also only served seven years of a 28-year sentence thanks to former President Donald Trump commuting his sentence. Though Trump commuted Kilpatrick’s sentence, which got him out of prison early, he didn’t commute what he owed to the city and to the IRS. “I think the citizens of the city of Detroit, especially the water department and the taxes, the IRS, and anybody else that is owed money from Kwame Kilpatrick would love to see him start a business,” said legal analyst Charlie Langton to WWJ...