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'Definitely Take The Dinner With HOV' — King Combs Explains Why He Would Take Dinner With Jay-Z Over $500K

Dinner with Jay-Z or cashing in on a fat check is a debate that resurfaces on social media. Now, weighing in the discussion is Diddy’s son King Combs. In an interview with Bootleg Kev’s podcast, the rapper was asked which rap figures would he look to for advice other than his father Diddy. With no hesitation, King responded and said, Jay-Z. In fact, the 24-year-old had recently talked to the billionaire before dropping his single “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” earlier this year. Evidently, money can’t buy everything because King revealed the gems shared by HOV were worth more than the money. “Before I dropped this song, we had a talk and that inspired me a lot,” King said. “The talk was definitely worth the money. You know how they say would you take the talk or the money? It was definitely worth it.”

Sep 6, 2022