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Why Jade Kearney Founded A Platform To Connect Black Women With Culturally Competent Healthcare Professionals

Jade Kearney is placing Black women at the forefront of mental health and wellness. As the CEO of She Matters, Kearney created the digital health platform to ensure Black women and women of color find the support they need. Kearney hopes to provide women the assistance she failed to receive following the birth of her daughter while working to complete her second master’s at New York University. “When I had postpartum, I was feeling the cultural norms of suffering in silence and I was invisible to the healthcare system. I experienced a lot of cultural stigma around mental illness and when it came to healthcare professionals or healthcare networks, I didn’t have any of them making the connection between what I had gone through physically while giving birth, which was preeclampsia and hemorrhage,” Kearney told AfroTech exclusively.

Samantha Dorisca

May 31, 2022

Frederick Akpoghene Is Behind An Autonomous Vehicle Startup On A Mission To Aid The Healthcare Industry

Self-driving pods are the future. JéGO Technologies, Inc. will set a new standard for contactless delivery and travel services. Founder Frederick Akpoghene is the creative mind behind the autonomous vehicle service which proves to be more timely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The health crisis has forced the population to depend more heavily on contactless delivery services, changing the landscape of e-commerce delivery for the better. Akpoghene could be behind the next wave of technologies set to improve the world as we know it once JéGO pods officially hit the market. As for right now, the founder has his eyes set on the healthcare industry first and the technology will deliver COVID testing, flu testing, and IV therapy from local businesses to the hands of their customers. Courtesy of JéGO The self-driving pods are currently being built and the pilot product is projected to make its debut in Miami, FL during the third or fourth quarter of 2022. “What we are building here...

Samantha Dorisca

Apr 19, 2022

This Black-Owned Tele-Pharmacy Company is Changing the Future of Medicine

Much of the healthcare industry has turned virtual and online since the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, leaving many companies with the task of finding safe solutions to still serve their clients and patients. As virtual health looks to gain momentum in the foreseeable future, tele-pharmacy startup CourMed is focusing on centering itself at the intersection of tech and healthcare. According to theGrio , the mobile application utilizes enterprise software to crowdsource medical supply deliveries from healthcare providers to patients safely and directly to their own homes. Launched in 2018, the startup targets patients who are 55 and older, as it aims to deliver items such as prescription meds, vitamins, supplements, CBD oil, home medical supplies, and more in addition to being a source of support. Prior to the pandemic, the demand for virtual health was low compared to where we find ourselves now as we seek an influx of virtual methods during social distancing, and CourMed is now...

Njera Perkins

Aug 28, 2020

With $3.7M Raised, Gentem is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Gentem , a health services reimbursement company, recently closed its initial round of venture capital funding with an impressive $3.7 million. The funds signal good news and speedy growth for a company that is less than one year old, placing Gentem on the fast track to becoming an invaluable contribution to the healthcare industry. If not for the vision of one aspiring doctor, Gentem may never have come to be. A passion for patient care led Fisayo Ositelu — MD, CEO, and co-founder of Gentem — to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. However, his clinical experiences led to the realization that patient care was only one major aspect of becoming a physician. The role was also fraught with time-consuming billing issues and other administrative complexities. While Ositelu went on to obtain the medical degree, he stopped short of practicing when he conferred with other physician friends who noted the same frustrations he had. The “physician fatigue” that they observed is underscored by...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 15, 2020