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Google and Alphabet CEO Proposes Global Standards to Regulate the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and its parent company, Alphabet, has recently proposed regulations for the use of artificial intelligence. In 2018, Pichai pledged Google’s promise to use AI responsibly , citing its own internal guidelines for use. Now, as noted by a recent report from Forbes , Pichai is advocating for setting a global standard for AI that could prevent companies and others from using it without restrictions or accountability. Google has long been a proponent of AI, including the use of software for diagnostic purposes in cancer detection and blindness prevention , project facilitation in Google Assistant support, teaching tools, and forecast prediction , among other purposes. Used for good, AI can be a critical resource to promote health, safety, education, and social change . “ It can’t solve every problem, but its potential to improve our lives is profound, ” Pichai wrote in a blog post. However, the misuse of AI is what Pichai finds particularly disturbing,...

Jan 29, 2020