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The Wing and Time's Up Announce New Partnership

Today, The Wing and Time’s Up announced their official partnership, as reported by Fast Company . The two organizations joining forces makes a lot of sense, because both aim to center women in their own ways. With the new partnership, the two organizations will work on supporting each other. That includes hosting events and programming together and The Wing will provide regular meeting space to Time’s Up. In addition, Fast Company reported that The Wing is giving Time’s Up a “charitable gift of stock.” Women have continued to face systemic issues in the workplace, such as the notorious pay gap. There’s also other issues, though, like how widespread sexual harassment is in for women in the workplace. These factors can make work feel unsafe and limit women’s ability to thrive, but organizations like The Wing and Time’s Up are setting out to confront them. The Wing co-founder and CEO Audrey Gelman said, according to Fast Company, “Both Time’s Up and The Wing believe that all women,...

Mar 21, 2019

Women In Tech Don’t Think Their Companies Are Prioritizing Gender Diversity, Research Reveals

The tech industry knows it has some work to do when it comes to gender and racial diversity. It seems like every week there’s a new diversity and inclusion officer appointed to help reshape a company’s demographics and workplace cultures. According to a recent report by, 52 percent of women currently working in tech say that their companies are not prioritizing gender diversity. However, the same percentage of women say the tech industry is making gender diversity a big deal overall. Re-entry into the tech sector was also a major issue according to results. More than 60 percent of women respondents said that taking a break from the industry can be important to an individual’s growth. Another 69 percent said that the tech industry needs to do more to help women re-enter the field and make the process easier. Big tech firms like Amazon, Apple, and Google have recently created initiatives to promote and encourage women in the tech space. Amazon U.K. announced Amazon Women...

Mar 21, 2019

This Slack Plug-In Is Making Users More Aware Of Their Gender Biases At Work

Using automation to tackle gender bias in the workplace has proven to be a difficult task for many companies. In some cases, trying to solve the issue has amplified the problem. For example, Amazon had to get rid of one of its AI human resources tool that discriminated against women applicants. And last year, Google Translate had to update its algorithm to stop the tool from only returning masculine translations to gender-neutral terms. Now, Slack’s new plug-in, #BiasCorrect, is changing the way people speak about women at work. #BiasCorrect was launched by Catalyst, a non-profit dedicated to making workplaces more women-friendly. The plug-in used automation to suggest alternative terms and phrases when Slack users describe women coworkers using words with negative connotations. For example, if someone types “she’s so aggressive,” #BiasCorrect will offer terms like “passionate” or “focused” to point out the user’s unconscious bias. Since the launch of the plug-in, women across...

Mar 12, 2019