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4 Proven Ways to Land High-Paying Clients as a Freelancer

For many freelancers, landing clients is the hardest part of running a freelance business. This is especially true for those who are just getting started. But if you really invest in marketing and promoting your freelance business, finding clients can be a lot easier than you think. Here are some handy tips to help you get your freelance business off the ground. 1. PROMOTE YOUR SERVICES ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great ways to get exposure for your freelance business. Optimize your social media profiles with keywords for whatever service you’re offering. Also, have a professional profile photo that’s the same across all platforms, which creates brand consistency. Follow the businesses you’re targeting and comment on their posts. Engagement is the key to building trust. 2. ASK FOR REFERRALS FROM EXISTING CLIENTS If you already have clients, but you’re struggling to find more, you can always ask your existing clients to...

Nov 6, 2020

Top Places for Freelance Writers to Find Jobs

If you’re a freelance writer looking for outlets to share and earn money for your work, there are numerous opportunities.  Start by setting up profiles on websites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Upwork, and Fivver.  Make sure that you include a professional photo and that your profile is thorough.  Online magazines are also a gold mine for freelance writers.  Visit their websites and write down their submission guidelines.  Then, come up with creative topic ideas that the editors will want to accept.  Here are additional places for freelance writers to find work. FlexJobs This is a paid membership site that costs about $14.95 a month or $49.95 per year.  This website is not only for freelance writers, but it specializes in remote jobs.  You can type in the word “writer” and set the search setting for the past few days.  Once you do this, you’ll find diverse openings for writing jobs from employers ranging from healthcare companies to media outlets. MediaBistro This is...

May 22, 2020

How to Acquire High-Paying Clients as a Freelancer

Here’s the thing about being a freelancer: there are a lot of gigs out there. However, many companies see the gig economy as a way to get professional services at the lowest possible prices. If you’re a full-time freelancer with expert skills, this can be incredibly frustrating. Over the past few years of freelancing, I’ve developed some of the best practices for engaging with high-paying clients. In my experience, sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer have not been fountains of high-quality, high-paying clients. Here’s my advice on how to utilize these sites to your advantage and take your freelance game to the next level: 1. Find Your Niche Developing a unique specialty can do wonders for your income potential. As a former engineer turned writer, I knew that my bread and butter would come from the technology industry. Tech companies are always looking for writers who can understand complex topics and craft outstanding content. Whatever service you offer, dig deep into your work...

Dec 5, 2019

How To Survive As A Freelancer

The fear of ditching a 9 to 5 job is all too real for those contemplating freelancing full-time. A predictable pay schedule, health insurance, and a 401K afforded by a day job are securities that rebuttal the option of freelancing. However, as a freelancer, you can have all of the aforementioned and other perks like flexibility in your schedule, avoiding hostile work environments, and the stresses of dealing with your nagging boss. If you are afraid you won’t be able to make ends meet as a freelancer, think again. It’s possible to not only survive but to thrive as a freelancer. Start by understanding what you’re good at. You would be surprised at the niches available to freelancers and how well they pay. Think about your hobbies and side hustles that you enjoy doing for fun. Chances are your niche is totally outside of the scope of your degree, but you’re passionate about it and would do it for no pay. Then there is the possibility that it might be tailored to your degree, and you...

Oct 10, 2019

Five Basic Things Every Entrepreneur Should Get Done In The Early Stages

Entrepreneurship is a Black millennial’s American dream. The ability to work on the projects that matter to you and on your terms is freedom. However, businesses need more than just loft ambitions and fancy mission statements to be successful. Here are basic administrative tasks every entrepreneur should accomplish in the early stages of the business: 1. Determine What You Are Selling The concept of entrepreneurship can be glamourous. Although sometimes, young entrepreneurs can get into trouble because they haven’t clearly defined the products and services they are offering. While you might have multiple interests and talents, it’s essential to know precisely what services you are offering and why people should care about it. Determining your product may require extensive research and analysis, but time invested up front may save you years of working on an unsellable product. 2. Open a Business Checking Account Separating business and personal finance will save you a world of...

Sep 30, 2019