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After a String of Lawsuits, Fortnite is Partnering With Artists for The Dances It Uses

Fortnite is collaborating with artists and dancers after a list of lawsuits caused  headaches for the company and the creators whose work they were accused of using without permission. Rappers BlocBoy JB and 2 Milly both sued Fortnite and its parent company, Epic Games, last year for allegedly stealing their dance moves and profiting off them. Other dancers like Russell Horning , the teen who made the ”floss” dance popular, and Alfonso Ribeiro , the actor who popularized the “Carlton,” also attempted to sue. Each of the lawsuits were dropped in March after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that registration through the Copyright Office must be completed before an individual can sue for copyright infringement. The rulings also forced people to revisit an ongoing debate over whether or not you can put a copyright on dance moves. Despite the Supreme Court’s decision, the lawsuits sparked a broader conversation on cultural appropriation as many Fortnite players cited the game as the...

Jun 6, 2019

BlocBoy JB Sues Epic Games For Dance Emote

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, has another lawsuit coming its way as rapper BlocBoy JB sues the company over the use of its “shoot” dance emote. The rapper’s dance became popular throughout 2018, and he is now joining a list of artists who want compensation for the use of their dances in Fortnite. BlocBoy JB is the fourth entertainer to sue the company over its use of dance moves in its emotes. 2 Milly, who popularized the Milly Rock; Russell Horning , the teen whose “floss” went viral; actor Alfonso Ribeiro and Lenwood ‘Skip’ Hamilton have all sued Epics games for using their likeness in its video games. Although more entertainers are beginning to seek legal action, the lawsuits are entering tricky territory. There are copyright laws that protect choreography, but no specific laws that protect specific dance steps. Fornite’s procedures in coding the dance moves will also be a major factor in the lawsuit. Fortnite has hundreds of millions of users and brings in a massive amount...

Jan 24, 2019