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Tonique Clay Set To Open Largest Seafood Restaurant Owned By A Black Woman

Tonique Clay is on the brink of a new achievement as she is set to debut the largest seafood restaurant owned by a Black woman. Krab Queenz is the creation of Tonique Clay and they have been steadily expanding since the brand’s inception.  

Jun 10, 2022

Shellie-Ann Kerns Is On A Mission To Decolonize The Food System

When Shellie-Ann Kerns left her home in Jamaica to join her husband in Washington State, she wasn’t sure what to expect. They moved to his family farm in Gray’s Harbor and she immediately began imagining ways to make the land productive. Family Roots “Farming for me, it’s in my blood on my mother’s side, and from her great grandmother, all the way down. My father’s family is also agricultural,” she said. “It’s something that I understand how it works. Something that I’ve just always been passionate about. When I came here, it was winter. And I needed to plant something. I did some research and I saw that, ‘hey, you can plant garlic in the middle of winter.’” Her first batch of garlic did so well that Kerns continued to plant garlic every winter. Now she’s taking her farming up a notch and making it a community affair. For her, farming is about supporting her community on a basic level. Decolonizing The Food System “What’s really driving me is the ability to feed the community,”...

May 15, 2021

These Three Black Engineers Created Lavii Lockers, a Contactless Tech Solution For Small Businesses

When you think of smart lockers, Amazon may come to mind. You order your Prime products, and once delivered, you can pick up your goods at a designated locker location. However, what if the same convenient service was applied to your to-go food orders? Rea Huntley, CEO and founder of Lavii Lockers, had the same idea. After a frustrating experience with a pick-up order she placed in 2019, Huntley discovered the lack of efficient processes and smart lockers in the food industry. “I started to do more research on how to implement it,” the Maryland-based entrepreneur said. “I learned a little bit of Python programming language, purchased the Raspberry Pi QR code reader, and went to Lowe’s for the supplies to build the first prototype.” Later, she brought in COO and software developer James Bagley, and CTO and computer scientist Marcus Gunn, who helped grow the initial innovative idea into the food dispensary smart locker system they operate today. Since its launch this past August,...

Dec 8, 2020

Black Restaurant Week Creators Launch Non-Profit to Support Marginalized Culinary Entrepreneurs

Last week, Black Restaurant Week — the annual nationwide culinary movement that celebrates African, African-American and Caribbean cuisine — proudly announced the launch of the Feed The Soul Foundation , a new non-profit designed to help support marginalized entrepreneurs in the culinary industry. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Feed The Soul Foundation (@feedthesoulfoundation) According to a press release , the organization will assist culinary entrepreneurs with their business development plans by offering resources and mentorship support to foster sustainable business growth. Additionally, the Feed The Soul Foundation will create a Restaurant Business Development Fund, designed to boost marginalized businesses by providing workforce training, business development training and consultation services, and increased access to programming, funding, and technology. With help from Maker’s Mark® and other community partners across the country, the goal for the Feed the Soul...

Oct 19, 2020