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Five Baltimore Students Get Awarded With Full Ride Scholarships To College

College tuition is a hot button present day topic. A lingering question always is, who is going to pay for it? In this country, a college education is often touted as one of the many paths toward a successful future. But with college tuition hiking up as it recently has, it could pose as a deterrent. Incoming students around the world face this predicament, but a set of Baltimore City students have just got the answer they were looking for. According to BET News , five Baltimore City students found out that their entire college education would be fully paid for. McDaniel College and the CollegeBound Foundation made a surprise visit to the student’s high schools and presented them with scholarship awards . Each awardee is at the top of their respective classes and earned the awards for their academic success and effort. The five scholarship recipients include: Azzure Brooks (Coppin Academy) Jay Artis (Green Street Academy) Kevin Quintanilla (Academy for College and Career...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 12, 2022

ISAs Could Open Up New Educational Opportunities for Millions of Underrepresented Americans

ISAs allow students to pay no tuition upfront, in exchange for a percentage of their future income after graduation. This fall, 19.9 million people are expected to attend college or university in pursuit of a degree. It is expected that around one million students will default on their student loans as well. In the past, higher education was seen as a ticket toward higher salaries and better jobs, but today, with student debt balances appreciating, people are starting to think twice about pursuing further education. As the price of tuition increases — the price of college is appreciating almost eight times faster than wages — students are increasingly relying on debt to finance their education. One method to address this problem that has already gained traction in the form of a bipartisan bill — is Income Share Agreements (ISAs) . Income Share Agreements Income Share Agreements , for which bipartisan legislation is being considered, allow students to pay no tuition upfront, in...

Ruben Harris

Nov 13, 2019