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Facebook Says Video Promoting White Nationalism Doesn't Fall Under Its Ban on White Nationalism

Facebook finally banned white nationalism and white separatism after previously excluding both from its definition of white supremacy. But, it seems the social media giant may not be taking its own policy seriously. Recently, a Facebook spokesperson told HuffPost that a video of Canadian white nationalist Faith Goldy invoking white “replacement” and claiming that Jews and people of color “invaded” white European countries doesn’t break any policies. The video — titled “Race Against Time” —begins with text that reads “European extinction is imminent.” At one point, Goldy mentions the “Great White North” and that “whites will be a minority in America in less than a generation.” Both of these statements fall into well-known white nationalist talking points that claim white people are systematically being replaced. The conspiracy theory of white genocide isn’t based in any fact, but it serves as a base to justify violence. As Facebook continues to deal with fall out from allowing the...

Vanessa Taylor

Apr 4, 2019