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Facebook is Rating Employees on Their Social Impact

Facebook has announced revisions to its performance review system and will now critique its employees on if they are working to change social issues, according to CNBC. The company said it may be basing pay raises on other factors as well. Employees may also be reviewed on criteria such as whether they are assisting in building new experiences for the platform or supporting businesses that use Facebook as a vital resource. “So in a nutshell: Facebook’s moving from a focus on growth, to a focus on change” a representative of the company told CNBC. Previously, employee reviews were based on their performance in enhancing user growth and engagement. Pay bonuses were also contingent on if employees helped improve Facebook products and revenue. Facebook’s recent changes reflect an effort to be more cognizant of its social impacts and correct prior errors. According to CNBC, the new criteria is set to be used in the first half of 2019.  

Feb 6, 2019