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Encounter AI Wants To Streamline How We Order Food

Artificial intelligence is looking to provide better service to customers, restaurants and fast food chains by making their ordering process faster than ever. Encounter AI is doing so through the use of voice-recognition technology and artificial intelligence. Founded by CEO Derrick Johnson and Kabah Conda, Encounter AI is marketed toward businesses who use headset and intercom systems to shorten ordering time. For example, w hile the automated system is handling orders, cashiers are able to focus on monetary transactions. Johnson said the biggest benefit to using Encounter AI for consumers is the customization and personalization. “You can say what diet you’re on and the system will show you menu items that are there,” Johnson said. Consumers with allergies and other restricted diets are easily able to identify with menu items that fit their needs within seconds using Encounter AI. Encounter AI’s ordering system also helps eliminate waste — cashiers do not have to worry about...

Arriana McLymore

Nov 9, 2018