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Change in Leadership at Alphabet, Google, May Give Rise to Change in 'Unbalanced' Power Dynamics

Trouble is brewing for one of the top legal executives of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Chief Legal Officer David Drummond is embroiled in investigations connected to possible liaisons with female employees . Drummond is scheduled to exit Alphabet at the end of the month, prompting many to believe that his departure is connected to recent inquiries about misconduct. Drummond began working for Google nearly two decades ago, eventually rising in rank to become its corporate development officer. During that time, Drummond shepherded the company through a host of legal triumphs . However, questions about his behavior with subordinate staff began to sideline some of his professional victories. In the early 2000s, Drummond, who was then married to his first wife, began an affair with Jennifer Blakely, a subordinate on the legal team. The extramarital affair produced a child, causing Google to present its policies of preventing superiors and subordinates from engaging in romantic...

Jan 14, 2020