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Marvel Actor Anthony Mackie Buys 20 Acres Of Land To Open A Studio In His Hometown Of New Orleans

Anthony Mackie is going home to invest in his community. reports the Marvel actor has secured 20 acres of land in New Orleans East to open a studio. Land records confirm Anthony Mackie signed the deal this past Friday, March 11. Although he has not yet confirmed the details of the purchase, it has been reported that the land will become a new site for the actor’s production company, East Studios LLC. “The actor, 43, who trained initially at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, said through his agent that it was premature to discuss specifics,” the outlet revealed. However, “several people involved in the months-long negotiation for the land said Mackie intends to site his new production company, East Studios LLC, at the Read Boulevard tract and is looking to buy more space nearby.” The site is projected to be revolutionary for the state’s entertainment industry and will reportedly include the acquisition of intellectual property, development, production, and marketing.

Mar 18, 2022