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Dr. Susan Moore Died of COVID-19 After Voicing Racist Treatment From Indiana Hospital Staff

There’s a long, storied history of Black people, especially Black women, being mistreated by doctors and hospital staff while in their care. This issue of racial bias has been a factor in many deaths of Black people — including most recently Dr. Susan Moore. Dr. Moore passed away on Dec. 20 at 52-years-old as a result of COVID-19 complications, but according to her documented complaints, her death could’ve been prevented. Prior to her passing, Dr. Moore posted a nearly eight-minute video on Facebook detailing her accounts of inadequate treatment from white medical staff at Indiana University Health, where she was being treated as a patient for COVID-19 symptoms and pain management. This is Dr. Susan Moore. She posted a FB video reporting denial of adequate treatment for COVID-19 and pain management by white medical staff at @IU_Health and pleading for help. She was discharged. After readmission to a different hospital, she died. —...

Njera Perkins

Dec 28, 2020