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This Black ER Doctor Sat Down With GQ to Explain Film Injuries and Millions Tuned in

Who doesn’t enjoy a good action or horror movie every now and then? The thrill of watching your favorite actress stab the villain through the abdomen or that crazy scene where the good guy fights their way out of the coffin they’ve been buried alive may be entertaining. However, there are many questions left unanswered about the physical injuries that an actor would have in real life. Dr. Italo Brown, M.D., M.P.H., sat down with GQ’s “The Breakdown” to give us a physician’s perspective on what possible medical injuries Hollywood actors and actresses could face if the movie scenes were real. Sacramento native, Dr. Brown is an emergency medicine physician and currently completing a fellowship at the Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine. His GQ installment went viral and gained 3 million views and counting. In the GQ episode, Dr. Brown breaks down scenes from Jordan Peele’s horror film “Us,” “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” and more. For the movie “Us,” Dr. Brown explains how the stab wound to...

Devin Crudup

Mar 13, 2020