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Alicia Keys Teams Up With Deepak Chopra To Launch 21-Day Audio Meditation App

The singer-songwriter is honoring Mental Health Awareness Month with an all-new meditation program. This week, Forbes reported that Alicia Keys announced a partnership with self-care guru Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Global to launch an integrated 21-day meditation experience titled, “Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness,” which focuses on “collective healing through accessing The Divine Feminine” and restoring joy in users’ lives. “I believe the Divine Feminine is an extremely powerful force within all of us,” Keys says according to ESSENCE. “It helps you grow, it helps you create, it cultivates who you are. There’s a major imbalance in our world, and we can all feel it. To counteract it, we have to open the door to the Divine Feminine in us and its ability to repair and create.” The outlet shares that Keys’ new free program — which exists within The Chopra App — aims to help listeners find the balance between their feminine and masculine powers and “return to peace...

Njera Perkins

May 13, 2021