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Gunna Flexes 20-Carat Diamond Chain At The Met Gala Under Partnership With Global Crypto Platform Ledger

Gunna has made it clear that you’re always going to catch him being iced out. Complex reported in March that the rapper dropped $100,000 for a “P” diamond tooth — relating to his infamous phrase “Pushin P”. “P don’t just mean player. P means paper, too. You can be pushing this P with paper,” he explained, according to Complex. “If you’re in this shit and it’s rented, then you’re kicking P. But if you buy this shit and you own it, then you’re really pushing P. You’re spending your hard-earned money. Like, you’re pushing it. You’re standing on this shit. You’re spending millions on it. You’re pushing it.” The teal-colored stone was provided by Angel City Jewelers’ Isaac Bokhoor and installed by Thomas Connelly. Now, he has linked up with a platform to add on to his bling.

Ngozi Nwanji

May 3, 2022