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How DDG Turned A YouTube Channel Into An $8 Million Net Worth

Darryle Dwayne Granberry Jr, best known by his rap pseudonym DDG, first appeared on the YouTube platform in 2014, while he was still in high school. In the decade since he first pressed upload on the video-sharing site , the 26-year-old performer has managed to amass a fortune of over $8 million, through his various YouTube, music, and extracurricular ventures. While $8 million may not seem like much compared to other YouTubers who have been on the platform since its inception, DDG managed to create generational wealth from the ground up, without major backing by the entertainment industry machine. Here’s a look into DDG’s many creative ventures which contribute to his growing net worth, and a history of how he came to be the artist we all know and love. DDG Got His Start On YouTube (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Gunna) Before DDG was a double platinum selling rapper, he was a class valedictorian growing up in Pontiac, Michigan. After graduating from high school with...

TeeJay Small

Mar 22, 2024