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6 Ways To Help Your Company Prevent Phishing Attacks

The following tips will help your company avoid phishing attacks and mitigate the risk if the breach gets through. Companies are juicy targets for threat actors from the dark web because their proprietary data is a commodity that can be traded and leveraged for industrial espionage, blackmail, unfair competition or outright theft of funds. To their credit, lots of organizations use high-end defenses to thwart unauthorized access nowadays, including sophisticated IDS and IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems) that stop the classic hacker incursions in their tracks. Under the circumstances, cybercrooks are increasingly focusing on social engineering techniques to pull off their breaches. They know human factor is one of the most vulnerable segments in an organization’s security posture, and the overall protection of enterprise assets is only as strong as its weakest link. Whereas there are numerous different flavors of social engineering, phishing is by far the most common one....

Sep 25, 2018