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As A Black Creative, It's Time To Ditch The Traditional Resume Template

Not many of us have the time to search through boring resume templates on Google only to finally choose a standard resume design. While searching for a style, you may think to yourself that you shouldn’t rock the boat with your resume style choices, right? Wrong. I know the struggle of trying to minimize your creativity — it’s real, especially for Black creatives and millennials whose only creative outlet on a resume is changing the font of the title to something with a little more sauce. However, there are other ways to remain creative yet professional. Here is a guide on how to be unapologetically you on your resume: 1. Consider the wording Leave your thesaurus at home. If you don’t use the word “ingenious” on the daily, then don’t try to impress the employer by using it now. Instead, use language that comes naturally to you. Show some personality! A cool approach to take is adding some conversational statements in your resume. For example, instead of dry bullet points underneath...

Sep 24, 2019