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Six Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Gaining traction for new e-commerce or web-based startups can involve a growth strategy that ensures an increase in sales, moving products, and attracting new customers. While focused on web views and marketing, as a startup founder you don’t want to neglect conversion optimization. Conversion rate optimization focuses on converting mere traffic into actual paying customers. Here are six pro tips to help you boost your customer conversion rate: 1. Lower the Number of Abandoned Carts One way to gauge your conversion rate is to look into your abandoned cart stats. Heavy views and lack of sales could signal potential customers merely “window shopping.” A study conducted by Statista shows the average e-commerce cart abandonment is nearly 70 percent. To avoid abandoned cart syndrome, try getting rid of hidden fees. We’ve all been there. You get to the checkout page and boom, there’s an additional fee tacked on for shipping or a pesky transaction fee. Hidden fees can be a major turn off...

Oct 18, 2019