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The CBC Introduces New Bill to Help Black Girls Pursue Careers in STEM

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) introduced a new bill that strives to decrease employment and criminal justice disparities in the Black community. Named the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020, the legislation is divided into two parts, reports NewsOne . The jobs portion covers a wide range of issues, including workforce development, housing, wealth building, and education. Specifically, the bill will help Black girls with opportunities to pursue careers in STEM fields, among other incentives like Black-owned businesses, personal finance, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities . With the inclusion of the CBC’s Justice in Policing Act of 2020, the multi-tiered second section details criminal justice reform in various ways, such as improving transparency in policing and creating meaningful, structural change, the CBC legislation reads. Ultimately, the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020 aims to “increase the upward social mobility of Black families, and help ensure equal protection...

Sep 16, 2020

Black lawmakers to meet with Apple, Paypal, Airbnb and more about their workplace diversity

Lawmakers in the Congressional Black Caucus are headed back to Silicon Valley this week to check in on the progress that tech companies have made since Tech2020 was created in 2015. Tech2020 was launched in order to “bring together the best minds in the tech, non-profit, education and public sectors to chart a path forward to increase African American inclusion at all levels of the technology industry.” Unfortunately, major companies like Google have seen little to no growth in the number of black employees in the past few years. Apple has seen a rise to 9 percent black employees — but it’s clear to see these movements are small and slow-growing. With their upcoming visit to Silicon Valley, the Congressional Black Caucus aims to ensure progress is being made and that black people in tech are able to grow and build their way to success. They plan to meet with companies including Apple, Paypal and Square — companies that identify at least 6 percent of their employees as black — in...

Apr 30, 2018