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Tips to Help You Take Ownership as a Leader, Even if it's Someone Else's Mistake

Whether you’re part of a team of two or twenty people, at some point you’ll have to deliver bad news. Maybe you’re a manager who has to talk to your employees about upcoming layoffs or you’re a consultant who has to tell a client the project is behind schedule. These types of conversations are uncomfortable and downright awkward — especially if you don’t agree with the decision. The harsh reality is it’s an unfortunate cost of doing business. Let’s say you’re a VP of a company with a team of 15 people. You have to deliver bad news to a client about a project delay. While you believe your team had enough time to meet the deadline, someone made a mistake and failed to process the order. You want to try using a new supplier to expedite the process, but your CEO prefers to use the same supplier so you don’t risk quality. Before you communicate the news to the client, here are five steps to consider: 1. Avoid  Miscommunication Though the decision to extend the deadline might be what’s...

Kandia Johnson

Jan 14, 2020

Make Your Voice Heard: Tips to Help Get Your Point Across During Meetings

Meetings are not just meetings. Meetings are an opportunity to form bonds with your colleagues and even position yourself as a leader, regardless of your job title. While most of us probably spend way too much time attending agenda-less meetings that distract us from getting the work done, speaking up during a meeting has its advantages. When you speak up during a meeting, it shows you’re capable of sharing ideas and opinions, and having difficult conversations with people when necessary. Whether you’re planning to have conversations with team members or current or potential clients, here are a few ways to communicate with confidence and get your point across:   Prepare to contribute to the conversation. If you struggle with a fear of looking stupid or saying the wrong things, this is a friendly reminder; you were hired to bring your experience. This includes sharing your unique point of view during the discussion. It doesn’t matter if your perspective is not well received by people...

Kandia Johnson

Jan 13, 2020

Maybe It's Not Them, It's You: Avoid These Communication Habits that Create Toxic Environments

Recently, Away Luggage Company CEO Steph Korey stepped down after an investigation by the Verge highlighted the company’s toxic work culture. From Korey reportedly using Slack to publicly critique work and label an employee “brain dead” to sending late-night messages  — Away is a case study in how not to communicate in the workplace. Like the Away company, if you have a communication problem in the workplace, chances are: Work is being duplicated (or not done at all). The finished product isn’t what you expected. There is a high turnover rate. There are recurring errors or delays in products or services. Your team is silent in meetings and no one speaks up to offer ideas or share their experiences. While it’s often second nature for managers to blame “lazy” or “incompetent” employees, frequent communication issues are often a symptom of a much deeper problem. A bad system, an outdated process or pattern of behavior from the company’s higher-ups are often the culprits. Here’s how to...

Kandia Johnson

Dec 26, 2019