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Summer Walker Wants To Create Her Own App Like Instagram To Cut Down On Censorship

Like other celebrities who have had enough of censorship on social media platforms, Summer Walker might be throwing in the towel with Instagram too. Last Thursday (Aug. 26), the R&B singer took to her secondary Instagram account to share with her followers an alternative solution to solve her problems with the visual app, REVOLT reports. “I’m bout to look into creating a app similar cause this IG shit going to hell,” she wrote in a post before also adding, “idk if I even wanna drop my Galactawhore merch on here….. lol it might go against they “‘guidelines.’” Walker has ran into some trouble recently with the content she’s posted on her Instagram page, citing her violations against the app’s guidelines after posting several controversial posts online — including anti-vaccination rhetoric. “I’m done w this app, and really this whole plandemic agenda,” she wrote in a since-deleted post in response to Instagram flagging her content. “It goes against guidelines to say sleep, water,...

Njera Perkins

Aug 30, 2021

Netflix Removes 'Patriot Act' Episode Upon Request From Saudi Government

Netflix pulled a “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” episode that was critical of Saudi Arabia after the Saudi government said the company violated the country’s cybercrime laws, according to the Financial Times. “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” features stand-up comedy by Minhaj that incorporates political and social commentary. For his “Saudi Arabia” episode he criticized Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s involvement in the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Minhaj also encouraged major American companies including Uber and Softbank to stop taking money from the country. The Saudi government cited Article 6 of its Anti-Cyber Crime Law which prohibits “the production, preparation, transmission, or storage of material impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy through the information network or computers.” Article 6 also prohibits online human trafficking, gambling, pornographic material and drug trades. Journalists in...

Arriana McLymore

Jan 2, 2019