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A New UK Report Urges More Social Media Regulation To Protect Children

The United Kingdom Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee has released a report on the impact of social media on children and how companies can help alleviate some of the major issues it causes. Social media use has become increasingly popular over the years and more minors are finding ways pathways to the platforms, despite many companies having rules against underaged users. The report listed risks, harms and benefits of children using social media. Some of the risks and harms include inciting terrorism and the “proliferation online of the physical, emotional and sexual abuse and exploitation of children.” The committee notes that although social media has not created many of the risks presented in the report, the platforms do amplify them. The Committee suggested various regulations to prevent and punish harm presented to children via social media. The report requested that the Law Commission “produce clear recommendations on how to reform existing laws” dealing with hate...

Arriana McLymore

Feb 1, 2019