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Multi-Millionaire Zendaya Admits She Has Financial Fears: 'Everything Can Be Gone Tomorrow'

In a previous interview, Zendaya (née Zendaya Coleman) confessed that she sought therapy because she was overly concerned about her finances. “The hope is to have a career where you can be in a position, financially, to just do things you want to do because you enjoy the work and not have to worry about the other things,” she said in a British Vogue (via Yahoo! ) cover story. “But I’m always like, ‘I will always need to work.’ Because if I don’t work, then everything can be gone tomorrow.” According to CNBC, Zendaya is not alone in these types of concerns. In fact, the outlet says a whole new subsection of therapy emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: financial therapy. “Clients get the best of both worlds when they see a financial therapist: They can begin to process their underlying feelings about money while working out plans for retirement, savings, investments, and other goals,” they said . Not many of us will make the money that Zendaya has made through the years. And...