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Startup Kippa Raises $3.2M To Help Africa’s Small Businesses Improve Their Bookkeeping Practices

Sometimes small businesses face the challenge of learning how to develop effective bookkeeping practices. This obstacle could lead to disrupted cash flow and a failure to meet the financial obligations of one’s business. Looking to resolve this issue in Nigeria is the startup Kippa, which markets itself as the country’s simplest accounting software. Founded by Kennedy Ekezie alongside Duke Ekezie and Jephthah Uche in February 2021, the application is designed to help small business owners create a bookkeeping system that will help them “recover debts 3x faster,” TechCrunch reports. According to Kippa, a stand-out feature on its application is customers who have not made payments can not only be tracked, but they will receive an automated reminder message for the business owner to recover debts. In addition, businesses can manage inventory, track daily cash flow and expenses, create invoices and generate receipts. “For us, what we do is we have such a unique opportunity to provide...

Samantha Dorisca

Nov 18, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Accountant

When you started your business , you may have been looking for ways to save as much as possible. Perhaps you’ve considered hiring an accountant but can’t seem to justify the extra expense. However, you could actually be saving your business money in the long run. Below are 4 reasons why you should hire an accountant for your small business. 1. SAVE MONEY Accountants are experts in taxes. That means when tax time rolls around, you’ll be able to save money through tax breaks and deductions. In fact, in a survey of about 400 small business owners, over half of them believed they overpay in taxes each year. That same survey showed that accountants are the most important professionals for small businesses — ahead of attorneys. 2. REAP BENEFITS FROM GOOD BOOKKEEPING There are likely lots of other things you’d rather do than perform the mundane tasks of collecting records, reconciling accounts, and everything else involved in bookkeeping. Hiring an accountant can save you from this work...


Dec 1, 2020