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Nasdaq Proposes New Rules Requiring Corporate America to Diversify its Board of Directors

Nasdaq Inc. — also known as the Nasdaq Stock Market — is sending a powerful message to Corporate America to push for more diversity. This past Tuesday, Nasdaq filed a proposal with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to adopt new listing rules that would otherwise require listed companies on the U.S. stock exchange to show and prove some measure of diversity on its boards of directors, CNN reports. According to the company’s announcement, the new rules would also make it mandatory for listed companies to “have, or explain why they do not have, at least two diverse directors, including one who self-identifies as female and one who self-identifies as either an underrepresented minority1 or LGBTQ+.” With this new proposal, Nasdaq is aiming to make the boardrooms at its 3,000-plus list of companies less white and male-skewed requiring them to hire directors that better reflect America’s diverse population. “This proposal and partnership gives companies an opportunity to...

Njera Perkins

Dec 2, 2020