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Cryptocurrency's Benefits Have Potential to Advance Black America

The digital revolution is upon us and the future of money as we know it could potentially involve a transition to digital currency. Cryptocurrency, the internet-based asset designed to act as a medium of exchange, is a fairly new concept we’ve been introduced to in recent years. It offers an alternative method of payment online that can be used to purchase goods and services. As the demand for virtual money increases, the Black community has an opportunity to get ahead and take advantage of its potential benefits. According to Investopedia , Bitcoin, a decentralized form of cryptocurrency without the use of a central bank between online users, is unique. Bitcoin helped usher new radical forms of digital money that can operate outside of corporations and the government. Its popularity rose in 2017 starting a trend of people buying bitcoin. Black Enterprise reported that author Isaiah Jackson published a book last July called “Bitcoin & Black America,” which delves into how Bitcoin...

Mar 19, 2020

Brain Waves of People With Coarse Hair Can Be Better Detected Through New Electrodes Technology

Electrodes weren’t designed with coarse hair in mind – here’s why that’s a problem. On March 11, Science News , an independent American magazine, published an article noting new electrodes technology can now better capture brain waves of people with naturally coarse hair. As innovative as this new technology is, the public response to the announcement revealed a very telling statement about the current state of STEM. The article detailed the design flaws of standard electrodes that exclude people with natural, thick hair and how these flaws pose a threat to proper diagnoses of patients. Engineer Pulkit Grover of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh stated that an electrode redesign was needed. “It’s not intentional. But at the same time, it’s kind of sad,” said Grover. “It’s worth thinking about technology, and about who it has been designed for.” Reactions to the new design across social media included declarations of relief that “finally” this technology exists. However, there...

Mar 17, 2020