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The European Union Voted To Develop One Of The World's Largest Biometric Databases

For those planning future travels within the European Union, your experience might become a little more interesting. Last week, the European Parliament voted to connect border-control, migration, and law enforcement systems into a database on both EU and non-EU citizens. The Common Identity Repository (CIR) will combine biographical identities, compile biometric data, and make it available to law enforcement and border authorities. In a statement , Rapporteur Jeroen Lenaers said: “Without changing access rights or endangering the data protection rules that govern them, interoperability will ensure faster, more systematic and more complete access to EU information systems for professionals on the ground: police officers, border guards, migration officers and consulate staff members, in order for them to do their job better. Better decisions can be made on the basis of better information.” Generally, biometric data refers to physical characters that can be measured or calculated. In...

Vanessa Taylor

Apr 23, 2019

Florida Lawmakers Want To Crackdown On Companies That Collect Biometric Data

In Florida, the state legislature is considering two bills, known as the Florida Biometric Information Privacy Act, that would introduce new biometric data privacy laws, as reported by Health IT Security . The bills in question, SB 1270 and HB 1153 , were introduced by State Sen. Gary Farmer, Jr. and State Rep. Bobby DuBose, respectively. They’re both meant to establish requirements and restrictions on private businesses for the use, collection, and maintenance of biometric identifiers and biometric information. “The Florida Biometric Information Privacy Act would ensure that all Floridians are notified in writing that their biometric information is being collected and what the process is for the use of those most private identifiers by organizations seeking it,” DuBose said, according to Biometric Update . What’s considered a biometric identifier can vary. Generally, biometrics are physical characteristics that can be measured or calculated. In Florida’s case, biometric identifiers...

Vanessa Taylor

Mar 13, 2019

Delta Airlines Is Putting Face Scanners in Atlanta International Airport

On Thursday, Delta Airlines announced that it will provide facial recognition scanners in its terminals at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The scanners are offered to customers flying directly to an international destination. The company is also offering the technology to people flying with partner airlines Aeromexico, Air France-KLM and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Delta Airlines has previously partnered with CLEAR , a biometric company that allows flyers to check in with a fingerprint or iris scanner. In July, Delta began offering biometric self-service bag drops in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. “Ever since 9/11, airlines, airports and TSA have been trying to keep the aviation system safe without causing too much hassle and pain for travelers,” said freelance aviation security writer Benét Wilson. “They’ve tried a lot of things and facial recognition is just a natural progression coming into play.” Atlanta International Airport is known as the world’s...

Arriana McLymore

Sep 21, 2018