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TikToker Accuses Citibank Of Racially Profiling Her After Allegedly Attempting To Cash A $30K Check

A TikToker is claiming that she was racially profiled by Citibank. The TikToker — who goes by the username of Baby Storme — shared tearfully in a viral TikTok post that she attempted to deposit a check from her father at Citibank to go toward her rent in Los Angeles, CA. The user was serviced by an undisclosed bank teller who allegedly confiscated her check and stated the bank could not verify it. “So tell me why I literally never experienced what I just experienced. I’m not the kind of person to come on here crying,” Storme said on TikTok. “My dad sent me a check to pay off my rent for the next year and that’s it, and I go into Citibank to cash the check so I can pay my rent and they confiscate my check and refuse to give it back.” Baby Storme requested for her check to be returned and had plans to deposit the funds at another banking institution. The bank teller continued to deny her request. After further questioning, Baby Storme accused the bank teller of racial profiling. “Do...

Mar 24, 2022