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Present With Confidence (Even When it Terrifies You)

Standing in front of a group to deliver a presentation can feel like every wall in a room is closing in around you. Next thing you know, you’re ready to make a run for the door before you even get started. Maybe you’re nervous about the way you look or maybe you’re dealing with the stress of uncertainty. Whatever you’re worried about, recognize this, preparation breeds confidence. For anyone looking to persuade people to take action, public speaking is a skill you need to master. As a leadership trainer, I’ve delivered talks and workshops in cities in the United States and Africa, here’s what I know for sure: things will happen that you can’t control. However, knowing your content, anticipating audience questions, and practicing delivering your presentation can minimize the impact of a surprise. Ready to rock your next presentation? Here are a few tips to help you feel confident and leave a lasting impression. Challenge and Change Your “What if” Story No matter how many times I...

Jan 9, 2020