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DNABLOCK Founder Anthony Kelani Is Putting Ownership Back In The Hands Of Black Creators

Whether we realize it or not, Black creativity is one of the world’s most lucrative assets and it’s time we take back control over our superpower – the power to shift the world’s dynamic and how it connects with our culture. Through platforms like DNABLOCK, all Black creatives, and even non-creatives, have the opportunity to access and utilize the art of animation to personify our cultural experiences for the world to behold. DNABLOCK — a 3-D animation platform that enables the world’s greatest creative minds to take their narratives from concept to creation — was founded by tech specialist Anthony Kelani, who had a vision to democratize a technical form of creative expression for Black and people of color. The startup, which is loosely referred to as “ Pixar for the people,” removes the barriers between tech and creativity to bridge the gap and empower these groups to take charge of their own narratives. By offering a unique platform to visualize and build our creations from...

Njera Perkins

May 30, 2021