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This Founder Secured $600M Worth of Construction Projects Then Landed Airport Contracts

For entrepreneur Jeanie Hunter, her current occupation isn’t what she originally had in mind for her life but she’s still making strides that are defying the odds for Black women in business. According to Atlanta Black Star, she started out pursuing a career as a real estate developer and then transitioned over to the male-dominated field of construction to launch a lucrative business in 2003 called Synergy Development Partners. “As a career path, construction wasn’t something that I thought about when I went to college,” she shares with the outlet. “I thought in construction you really had to have a hammer or some type of trade experience.” Though she lacked traditional construction experience, that didn’t stop Hunter from taking a leap of faith as an independent business woman. The hard work is paying off for her now as her company recently inked an airport contract for canopy modernization at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Although Hunter’s company is now finally being...

Apr 1, 2021

The U.S. Government Is Testing Facial Recognition Technology at Airports

From TSA unnecessarily searching Black women’s hair to their profiling of Muslims, airport security can quickly turn from a simple headache into a reminder of your status as an inherent threat. Now, airports are introducing a new, invasive security measure that is raising alarms. Throughout the United States, the US Customs and Border Protection program known as Biometric Exit is in use at departure gates in 17 airports, as reported by CNET . The program uses facial recognition technology to take pictures of people and “verify their identity.” The agency says it only holds onto the photos of citizens “until their identities have been verified” and everyone else’s for 14 days. The photos of every non-U.S. citizen are also sent to the Department of Homeland Security’s Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT), which can store information for 75 years . By 2021 the system will be used to scan 97 percent of all travelers leaving the country, according to CNET. However, facial...

Mar 21, 2019