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CapWay Digital Bank CEO Sheena Allen Talks Accion Opportunity Fund and Other Funding Options for Black Entrepreneurs

While the journey of an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding, it’s not easy. The need for capital is a major challenge all entrepreneurs face. Luckily, resources like Accion Opportunity Fund can come to the rescue. No one understands Black entrepreneurs’ need to have access to funding more than Sheena Allen , the founder and CEO of CapWay . CapWay is the revolutionary fintech company that’s removing barriers and closing gaps through digital banking and other financial services for millennials and Gen Z. AfroTech spoke with Allen about how crucial funding opportunities like the Accion Opportunity Fund are for Black entrepreneurs. AfroTech: Becoming the youngest woman in America to own and operate a digital bank is an incredible accomplishment. Considering your non-tech background, what inspired your journey as an entrepreneur in the tech and fintech industries?   Sheena Allen: It’s interesting. I double-majored in film and psychology and minored in marketing, but the truth is I...

Jun 9, 2022