Stephen and Ayesha Curry recently announced their foundation’s launch of a new scholarship for Bay Area girls interested in STEM. The couple made the announcement on Twitter last week.

Most fans of Curry will remember when 9-year-old Riley Morrison asked why he didn’t include girl’s shoes in his Under Armour sneaker line. On International Women’s Day, Curry introduced the Under Armour Icon Curry 6 “United We Win”, which was co-designed with Morrison. According to the Curry foundation, the All-Star point guard “wasn’t comfortable profiting off Riley’s shoe design, so he went to Under Armour and turned it into a scholarship that will impact girls for years to come.”

The recipient of the scholarship was named during the Warriors home game against the Denver Nuggets last Friday. Vivian Wu, a senior at Oakland Tech will be the first student to receive the gift from the Currys.

The annual scholarship is meant to be given to one college-bound girl from the Bay Area “who has shown an aptitude for overcoming adversity, catalyzing change within her community, and demonstrating excellence in a STEM-related field of study.”

It’s clear that Wu more than meets those qualifications. According to a tweet from the foundation, Wu has a 4.2 grade point average and she’s completed over 300 hours of community service as an advocate, including for survivors of domestic violence.

Curry, gave his thoughts on the partnership with the young shoe designer and his mission to empower young women in STEM.

This scholarship is an excellent way for Curry to use his new shoe profits and, hopefully, it will help a lot of Bay Area girls pursue careers in STEM.

Scholarship recipients will receive $30,000, that will be awarded over two years.