Now is the perfect time to begin planning to attend some of the many startup events already gearing up for 2024. These events can be a transformative opportunity for a growing business or an entrepreneur with an idea that has the potential to become something big. Startup events often bring together entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and innovators to discuss emerging trends, share knowledge, network, and showcase new ideas or products.

These events typically feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, pitch competitions, workshops, and networking sessions. Registering early for 2024 events could be a smart financial investment, as many offer reduced prices for early commitments. This is especially true as many of these startup events are occurring in different cities worldwide.

Below are some of the best startup events for those who want to take their business to the next level and make connections that will open doors to new opportunities and potential success.

1. StartUp Grind

Startup Grind aims to provide valuable insights, networking opportunities and mentorship to individuals interested in startups and entrepreneurship. At these events, attendees can expect fireside chats, panel discussions, workshops and networking sessions focused on various aspects of starting and growing a business. The 2023 Startup Grind Global event will take place on April 23-24 in Silicon Valley. While speakers have not yet been announced, past events have included significant tech leaders like Stacy Abrams, Biz Stone of Twitter, Eric Yuan of Zoom, and Stewart Butterfield of Slack.

2. StartUps World

StartUps World’s international conference will take place in Porto, Portugal on January 13, 2024. The event is also available to attend virtually. StartUp World’s vision is to bring together entrepreneurs and others in the business field to learn from top speakers and become empowered. The company believes in the value of everyone, no matter where they live, and wants to uplift a diverse group of voices by educating its audience. The speakers for 2024’s StartUps World event include Philip van Nedervelde, founder of E-spaces, Sandra Miller, CEO at Runway Innovation Hub, Giorgio Gaviraghi, founder and CEO of EDL, and more.

3. The TechCrunch Annual Founder Summit

TechCrunch Annual Founder Summit is a gathering focused on bringing together founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. The Founder Summit typically involves keynote presentations from successful startup owners, fireside chats, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities. The event aims to provide a platform for founders to learn from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, gain insights into various aspects of building and scaling startups, and connect with potential investors and mentors. 2024’s TechCrunch Annual Founder Summit will take place on April 25 in Boston, and tickets start at $99.

4. StartUpFest

StartUpFest is an annual startup event taking place in Montreal, Canada. It’s known for convening a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and stakeholders across the startup ecosystem. The event encourages networking, collaboration, and peer learning for startups at all stages. By showcasing rising companies, facilitating expert guidance, and enabling idea exchange, StartUpFest fosters an environment where innovation can thrive. The 2024 festival runs July 10-12, with early bird passes available now.

5. 4YFN

4YFN stands for “4 Years From Now.” It’s an international startup event that typically runs alongside the Mobile World Congress (MWC). It’s organized by the GSMA, focusing on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the mobile technology and digital ecosystem. The event gathers startups, investors, corporations and industry professionals to collaborate, network, and showcase innovative ideas and technologies. 4YFN provides a platform for startups to pitch their products or services, connect with potential investors, and gain exposure to industry experts and mentors. The 2024 MWC event will be extra special as it is 4FYN’s 10th anniversary. Attendees can look forward to bigger stages, bigger speakers, and better programs. Tickets to the event being held in Barcelona are a financial commitment but likely a worthy investment.

6. Infoshare

Infoshare is a major tech conference and startup event that typically takes place in Gdańsk, Poland. It’s known for being one of the largest tech events in Central and Eastern Europe. Infoshare brings together entrepreneurs, investors, tech professionals, and innovators from around the world. It aims to provide a platform for startups to showcase their ideas, connect with potential investors, gain insights from experts in the field and network with other like-minded individuals. The event also focuses on emerging technologies, business strategies, and the future of the tech industry, making it a valuable gathering for anyone involved or interested in the tech and startup ecosystem. Infoshare 2024 will take place from May 22-23. Attendees can compete in a startup contest with a €20,000 prize and access to other beneficial opportunities.

7. Slush

Slush is a non-profit with one of the leading startup and tech events globally. It’s an annual event that brings together startups, investors, industry experts and tech enthusiasts from around the world. Slush aims to create a platform for startups to showcase their innovations, connect with investors and network with key players in the tech industry. Slush has gained a reputation for its vibrant atmosphere. This helps foster innovation, and collaboration and provides a stage for startups to gain visibility and access to funding opportunities. 2024’s event will not arrive for some time as it takes place on Nov 20–21 in Helsinki, Poland. However, pre-registration is available now for early-access to tickets.

8. Startup CTO Summit

The Startup CTO Summit is a specialized event tailored for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and technical leaders within startup companies. The event aims to provide a platform for CTOs and technical leaders to learn from industry experts, share experiences, discuss strategies and network with peers facing similar challenges in the rapidly evolving landscape of startup technology. It often fosters an environment conducive to exchanging insights and building connections within the startup community. This virtual event is free to attend and will take place on May 15, 2024 between 9am – 4am EST. Confirmed speakers include the CEO and CTO of Glorium Technologies.

9. sTARTUp Day

sTARTUp Day is one of the most significant startup events in the Baltic region, occurring annually in Tartu, Estonia. It’s a multidisciplinary event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, students, policymakers and startup enthusiasts. Here, you can discuss, network and learn about various aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. The event also serves as a hub for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. The event will take place through Jan. 24-26 and tickets start at 149€. Speakers include several CEOs, founders, innovators and even the president of the Republic of Estonia.

10. ViennaUP

The ViennaUP is a festival-style startup event held in Vienna, Austria. It aims to celebrate the city’s startup ecosystem and foster innovation and entrepreneurship. ViennaUP brings together entrepreneurs, investors, startups, industry experts, and policymakers to discuss trends, share knowledge and network within the vibrant startup community of Vienna. The event is designed to showcase Vienna as a hub for startups and innovation, offering a platform for startups to pitch their ideas, connect with potential investors and mentors and gain exposure to a diverse audience. The event also serves as an opportunity for participants to learn from successful entrepreneurs, collaborate on new projects, and engage in discussions shaping the future of the startup ecosystem in Vienna and beyond. 2024’s festival will take place between June 3-9.