Squire Technologies is responsible for helping you identify, book and pay for the top barbers in your city. And now, they’ve teamed up with Instagram to make it even easier for you to book your next appointment.

In a press release, Squire has announced the integration with Instagram in order to make the 200 million people who interact with business accounts on the app each day. Squire is a fully-integrated scheduling, point of sale and payroll platform for barbershops and men’s salons, and now through a few easy steps anyone with a unique Squire-generated URL can add the action to their business Instagram profile.

“Instagram is the largest business driver in the beauty community,” said Dave Salvant, Co-Founder and President of Squire, “By partnering with Instagram, Squire is able to help thousands of small business turn their Instagram followers into valuable customers.”

Looking to take advantage of the new integration? Set up your business’s Instagram account, convert it to a business profile, edit your profile and “add an action button” under the contact options section. That’s where you’ll be able to copy and paste our Squire-generated URL.

Check out an example of a business using the new options below: