Spotify will soon be the next platform to introduce a “stories” feature to users. The company is currently testing out “Storylines” that highlight artists’ lyrics, creative processes, and insights, according to Android Police.

So far, Storylines are not expected to have video or live streams. The feature will be more closely related to its “Behind the Lyrics” tool that pulls background information about artists and their music from Genius.

Spotify’s upcoming Storylines will be similar to Instagram Stories as far as design goes. Users can tap through each story card to learn more about their favorite artists and the history of their music.

Spotify is the top music streaming service in the U.S., beating out its competitors Apple Music, Tidal and Pandora by pretty wide margins. The company has built out partnerships with Hulu to expand its reach even more. Its latest update could keep users more engaged within the app while bringing a social media aspect to the platform.

Story features have been known to make celebrities and influencers feel more accessible to their followers. Upcoming artists often use Instagram Stories to engage with fans, share music snippets and more. A story feature on Spotify could continue to bring fans closer to their favorite artist. If Storylines prove to be a success, we could see a variety of social media features from the platform as well.