Elijah Precciely, an 11-year-old college student, is making major waves in Southern University’s physics department. Precciely is beginning his sophomore year at the historically black university this spring, according to WAFB 9.

Precciely is no stranger to college courses. Before attending the university, he was home-schooled by his mother and began taking college-level biology, business and physics classes, which is how he earned the credits to qualify as a sophomore. He now majors in physics at Southern and will go down in history as the youngest person to receive a full-ride scholarship from the school.”

“This is my environment,” Precciely told WBRZ. “I love to be up here on campus. I love to learn. But what really strikes me is when some people think I’m 15. Either I’m a tall 11-year-old, or a short 15-year-old.”

Earlier this year, Precciely’s father told the news station that Elijah is much like other children.

“Find that child’s genius… What they like and nurture that,” he said. “If you have to seek outside help, then that’s what you do, and that’s what we did.”