As colleges across the nation turn to online learning for fall 2020, students are now facing their most daunting semester. Some undergraduates are scrambling to find off-campus housing, as opposed to risking COVID-19 exposure by going home, reports USA Today. Other scholars are enduring sad “quarantine meals,” according to BuzzFeed. Most egregiously, most students in these predicaments are still paying the same pre-coronavirus tuition.

However, in the face of college’s exorbitant costs, enterprising pupils have picked up side hustles for supplemental income to afford alternate housing, food, among other needs. Though social distancing measures curb traditional gigs like driving Uber and being the resident dorm hairstylist, here are seven ways to make extra coins for college while staying safe.

Do No-Contact Food Deliveries

Switch that Uber app to Uber Eats and pick up food instead of people to better manage exposure to COVID-19. Alternatively, Meals on Wheels always needs drivers to assist with deliveries to the elderly or sick. It’s a great way to give back during a time when leaning on the community is most important—all while getting paid.

Sell Hair Accessories Kits

Even though hair salons are back in business, dorm-room hairdressers should still keep that six-feet distance from clients. Instead, put together a kit of shampoos, conditioners, and other basic items for those who may need to upkeep their mane during the quarantine. Not interested in that? Opt for recording at-home hair tutorials on YouTube. Racking up views can result in a paycheck.

Create Press-On Nails

Quarantine has revived the popularity of press-on nails. There are several videos online that teach how to craft and design your own sellable sets. It’s a virtual way to continue to generate business (and buzz about your brand!)  during this downtime for many small Black-owned businesses.

Sell Your Class Notes

Note-taking isn’t always easy for all students in a physical classroom, so it’s safe to say there may be some additional difficulty on Zoom. If you’re skilled at recording important information from a lecture, make an easy buck by selling your notes. Did a classmate miss the morning lecture? Cool. You get paid and they don’t have to scramble to catch up—it’s a win-win. (Think about virtual tutoring as well.)

Open a Fashion E-Store

Marie Kondo your closet and open an online boutique for all the lightly worn clothes, but don’t just snap dull flicks of each fashionable piece. Take it a step further and model how each style can be worn. With Instagram’s new Reels and Shopping features, you can dress up your marketing skills to catch buyers’ attention.

Do Photoshoots

Zoom and FaceTime are for happy hours, heart-to-hearts…and making extra cash. From major publications to wedding planners, companies are turning to virtual photography to produce clear, unforgettable HD images. So if you’re a shooter, it’s time to open your schedule book and get back to work.