Entrepreneur Sherrie Williams has sold her haircare line to a major hospital network. With this move, she becomes the first African American to reach such a milestone, according to Milwaukee, WI’s NBC affiliate TMJ4 News.

Williams is founder and CEO of Simplistic BSC, a company dedicated to helping women of color achieve healthy hair.

Williams launched her brainchild in 2018 due to a lack of diversity in the sector.

“I started out as a cosmetologist and quickly realized that the products at the time (2007) that were in the licensed-only haircare stores were not for African American people. I started mixing products and putting it in my clients’ hair. They loved it. It took off from there,” Williams told AFROTECH in an email interview.


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Today, Simplistic BSC has expanded to a haircare line featuring 28 products, including alopecia hair growth and thickening treatment, hydrating shampoo, and purifying conditioner, among others.

In addition to the company’s website, customers will soon be able to purchase through Piggly Wiggly and Fresh Thyme Market, and on Walmart’s online store, according to TMJ4 News.

What’s more, Williams announced her company has secured a deal with Froedtert Hospital’s network of hospitals and clinics throughout Wisconsin. She is already in the process of shipping out products to serve its patients, per the outlet.


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“The deal will impact hospitals by providing a product that everyone can benefit from,” Williams told AFROTECH. She added that in her opinion, “The complaints and lawsuits for hair loss due to products used in hospitals will stop. Also some hospitals that African Americans wouldn’t normally go to may have a change of mind when [they] realize diversity has been included. It’s a small but big statement.”

Williams also shared her sentiments on being the first African American to sell a haircare line to a major hospital.

“Being the first ever African American in the country, I believe it’s very impactful. It’s another step in the right direction,” Williams told AFROTECH in the email interview. “It’s not just one race sick in hospitals, it’s all races, and with African American embracing our natural hair, we need something in hospitals that will not strip it. Most hair companies go for stores, which is great. I’m also going for stores, but to be in major hospitals is a turning point. It makes a loud statement. We are not being ignored.”

She continued, “It’s a great need for our products, and we are the best ones to develop it. Having the cosmetology experience I was able to develop shampoo and conditioner for all hair types with some of the best ingredients. The impact is loud, it means the hospitals are really paying attention to the patients’ needs.”

Looking ahead, Williams said she plans to create a shampoo and conditioner specifically for cancer patients that will be used by the hospital.